June Drucker

June Drucker is well known in the old time music scene for her bass playing in the Heartbeats (with Tara Nevins, Beverly Smith, and Rose Sinclair) a band at the forefront of the non-traditional old time music scene. They played all over the U.S. and Canada also touring in Germany, opening up for 10,000 Maniacs and Mary Chapin Carpenter, as well as appearing on Prairie Home Companion, E-Town and Mountain Stage. Through the years, June has gained great respect for her skillful, sensitive, and solid bass playing.

June currently plays bass in The Horseflies with Judy Hyman, Jeff Claus, Richie Stearns, Taki Masuko and Rick Hanson. She also currently plays in Big Table (dance band) with Judy Hyman, Jeff Claus, Larry Unger, and Jeremiah Mclane, as well as the Tractor family.

In addition, she has recorded with numerous groups including The Renegades (with Richie Stearns, James Leva & Carol Elizabeth Jones), The Improbabillies, The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus, James Leva & Carol Elizabeth Jones. June also played on the Bubba George String Band CD Live at Grassroots with Jeb Puryear, Jordan Puryear, Shane Lamphier and Richie Stearns as well as recording with Paso Fino, with Diana Andersen and Shane Lamphier.

June drucker's debut fiddle CD, Tumble and Leap, includes June's original tunes, traditional tunes and vocals. Her tune "Going Back to Israel" has been recorded and played by many old time fiddlers, as well as many of her other original tunes.

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June Drucker, fiddle; vocals.
Al Tharp, banjo, tenor banjo, vocals.
Sally Freund, guitar.
Meredith Mcintosh, bass.
John Herrmann, mandolin.

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Tumble and Leap Song List

1. Cool Runnings
June Drucker, Running Turtle Music

2. Liza Jane

3.Going Back to Israel
June Drucker, Running Turtle Music

4. Darkest Angel
June Drucker, Running Turtle Music

5. Cherokee Shuffle

6. Buffalo Gals

7. Ninth Wave
June Drucker, Running Turtle Music

8. 1,000 Cranes
June Drucker, Running Turtle Music

9. Train on the Island

10. Bartlett's
June Drucker, Running Turtle Music

11. Starlight
June Drucker, Running Turtle Music
(except for 1st verse)

12. Lost Indian

13. Jack of Diamonds
Traditional, arrangement by June Drucker

14. Tumble and Leap
Words and Music
June Drucker, Running Turtle Music

ADDITIONAL RECORDING june drucker, guitar and bass on tracks, 7 and 14 al tharp, tenor guitar, bass, track 13, electric guitar, keyboards track 14, 2nd fiddle tracks 11 & 13 john doyle, guitar track 13 billy ware, percussion track 14 mark roberts, banjo, percussion track 7 mark simos, guitar, track 7

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